May 2015

 The Azule


May 2015


Happenings and Events

 2 Incredible Concerts 

in Spring Creek:

Happy Spring!

May 14-24, 2015
Erin Brooker and the Archaea Tree Ensemble (ATE) will be hosting a collaborative retreat for Composers of the Great Smokey Mountains, write a new chamber work and experience the public premier; visit
for details.

May 20, 2015
AZULE Spring Concert series begins, ATE will perform Robert Paterson’s The Book of Goddesses at AZULE at 7pm admission is free and everyone is welcome.

May 23, 2015
AZULE Spring Concert Series continues with ATE performing Troublesome Gap. at 7pm, everyone is welcome!


Duarte Morais is returning to AZULE for a post-semester visit with his grad students. People-First Tourism (P1T) entrepreneurs are invited to join the evening’s festivities!

“I don’t think I can isolate the factors that make Azule such a magical space.  It may be the organic nature of the space.  It may be Camille’s sincere, passionate, and inspiring presence.  It may be the communal self-catering kitchen and the leaf dining table.  It may be the earthy and welcoming feel of the lounge chairs and the warm lighting and the rugged wood beams.  It may be AZULE’s remote location that makes us feel like all that matters is the now and here.  In reality, it is probably a diverse cocktail of these and other factors – probably a different formula for each of my students.” – Duarte Morais


AZULE Residency/Retreat Reminder

May 15, 2015 is the Deadline for





Camille H. Shafer makes the News!!!

Camille continues to work on her mosaic as she prepares AZULE’s music room to host the upcoming concerts.
Camille is also noted for her community work by Alternate Roots:
 "In May, Alternate ROOTS will launch our first-ever Artability campaign on Indiegogo, raising funds to support scholarships for differently abled artists to attend ROOTS Week."

In anticipation of the campaign, Nikki Brown spoke with Elizabeth Labbe-Webb, the Executive Director of 
VSA Arts of Georgia, Inc. and Camille Shafer,

Read article here:

                      Camille Shafer and her
                      Four Seasons quilt.

  from the 2015 PORTRAIT PROJECT 

Photos in this issue are by Arlette Vaccarino, Gwylene Gallimard, Sherry Wilson, Sofia Shahid, Linda Wheelock and participants in the Portrait Project.


Sofia Shahid and Shahid Hussain continue to express their creative spirit by creating new sculptures while on retreat at AZULE.

Enjoy the following videos produced at AZULE during a recent retreat “Creating and Telling the Story with Digital Media”, led by Bailey Barash and Ace Harney

Follow the following links to view
these films: and

Also recommended is Laverne Zabielski’s
“An Answer to a Child’s Cry.” Can be viewed at

"This workshop helped me to refocus on the power of a short story well told as well as how I can create these digital stories from visuals I already have on hand. Learning in a creative community was inspiring and affirming and Ace and Bailey were incredibly knowledgeable and encouraging. And then, of course, there is just the spirit of Azule, which creates the context for community and creative magic to happen." --Janet Hurley


  Upcoming Residencies in 

 April and May 

Coming to Azule also in May AND early June are Writer Lana Philips, Filmmaker Film Educator Sukhada Gokhale, Writer Nina Carroll and Poet Yvette Johnson.


"AZULE Imagine...," - the video - is now in HD!
Here is the link: AZULE IMAGINE ... 
"Down a winding two lane road in the Appalachian Mountains of Western North Carolina is an artists' retreat that is considered a work of art in itself..."  Azule Imagine... follows the development of this new concept in artist's residencies that serves not only the artist but the surrounding community. 
Produced by BBarash productions and, with music by Roger 'Hurricane' Wilson and Elise Witt.

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THANK YOU Gary and Lavonne, RoySherry Wilson, Lynda Scott, Michelle Suttle, Jean-Marie Mauclet, Bunny Halton-Subkis, Gwylene Gallimard, Omari Fox and Randy Bell, Henriette Brouwers & John Malpede, Takia Dickens, Joe Ebel, Todd Fowler, Louise Graff, Mark & Joyce Hulbert, Donna Hurt, Lorrie jayne,  Rena Lash, Kim Marin Rollin,   
Tom Morris & Eye Productions, Lisa Mount, Olivier Rollin, Sue Schroeder, Carolyn Stewart, Arlette Vaccarino.  

AZULE Board Members had a strong and enjoyable retreat in February. They wish to extend a special thanks to Kathie DeNobriga for her donation of a needed and meaningful professional training at that retreat.


THANK YOU also to all Board Members who gave countless hours of in-kind work.
And THANK YOU to all who organize, promote or come to our programs.

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AZULE's Mission is "To provide an environment where artists and community meet, learn and work together through the arts in their many forms."
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