November 2014

The Azule 



Fall  Back  in  Time

a short story


                           DAVID and CAMILLE SHAFER moved to Hot Springs, N.C. in 1972. Camille was a teacher, occupational therapist and an artist from France, and Dave a postal clerk and constant photographer from Ohio. Camille and Dave’s house became a center of activities and their community grew.  Camille was also busy planning and creating the unique, amazing architecture you can see now. Through Camille Shafer’s sole design and vision, what began as the tiny Doctor Kimberly's cabin has been sculpted into a work of art.


                              Friends, artists and the community understood the value of the place, the artistic excellence of Camille's work and the need to plan its future. In 2005, the 501(c)3 AZULE was created with the mission "to provide an environment where artists and community meet, work and learn together through the arts in their many forms."

            AZULE is committed to diverse and  multi-cultural expression. The stunning facility offers studio space, a performance stage, conference areas and peaceful outdoor settings uniquely conducive to creativity and resourcing. With its present programs - Retreats and Artists' Residencies, SkillShares Weekends, Workshops, "Words in Nature" and the Appalachian Homestead Skill Series, as well as an Art, Community, Local History and Design Library - Azule is hoping to become an APPALACHIAN magic hub of connections. This year Azule offered twenty two artists' residencies and eight public programs.

             Visitors, artists, residents, healing practitioners come to AZULE for retreat, research, exposure, improvement, rehearsals or meetings. Azule Board Members are creative and practical. Their work is motivated by the vision to keep Azule open to everybody's history, everybody's geography, everybody's abilities and challenges, while anchoring itself in the Bluff/Spring Creek/Hot Springs/Madison County communities. To be further aware of our offerings, visit our website and sign up to receive AZULE NEWS (10 issues a year).


At this time of the year we want to ask for your support. Hosting your staff meetings, board workgroups, student retreats, training workshops, artists residencies or family gatherings at Azule will help us fulfill our mission and our goals. We will listen to your specific needs.
PROMOTE US to your friends and colleagues.

            If you can, support us financially. Any amount is welcome. A monthly donation can be organized through Paypal at We will discuss discounts on our programs with all our donors . Your support may help us for basic maintenance and utilities but also to cover expenses for facilitators, offer scholarships, involve youth groups or to be a match for a grant.
            Being a part of the AZULE COMMUNITY has enriched my life and I think it may enrich yours as well. Please consider being a part of Azule. No donation or proposal is ever too small.
            Keep in touch, come and visit, and tell us what you think. 



Photos in this issue are by Manoj Sepiastory, Lynda Wheelock, Gwylene Gallimard and participants to the Portrait Project

AZULE, situated in the Appalachian Mountains of Western Carolina, has been running a residency program for artists, educators and activists, or anyone in need of a retreat or a special gathering since 2010.
Applications for Residencies/Retreats/Meetings are available on line at


A short version of "AZULE Imagine...," - the video - was projected at THE ALLIANCE OF ARTISTS COMMUNITIES' Conference on October 23rd. It was part of a panel on AZULE and Alternate ROOTS with Jean-Marie Mauclet, Donna Cooper Hurt, Omari Fox and La'Sheia Oubre. See
The full version of the film can be seen at  AZULE IMAGINE ... 

"Down a winding two lane road in the Appalachian Mountains of Western North Carolina is an artists' retreat that is considered a work of art in itself..."  Azule Imagine... follows the development of this new concept in artist's residencies that serves not only the artist but the surrounding community. 
Produced by BBarash productions and, with music by Roger 'Hurricane' Wilson and Elise Witt.

And to ALL DONORS: thank you so much for helping AZULE board members and volunteers to move AZULE on its necessary journey. Come, visit and participate. Invite your friends!
AZULE is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.
Your donations are tax-deductible from your income.

AZULE's Mission is "To provide an environment where artists and community meet, learn and work together through the arts in their many forms."
For a visit call Camille 828-622-3533 
For information on AZULE's programs, to make any proposal, to apply for a residency or retreat, to book AZULE or to register for any of our offerings, visit AZULE website and e-mail us at 
You are all invited!
Azule may bring you the opportunity to meet great artists, attend a SkillsShare or learn about a traditional Appalachian Skill, experience a rejuvenating space for residencies, retreats, staff or wellness meetings. Come and visit, give us a call.
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