June 2016

n  e  w  s  l  e  t  t  e  r
                                                                                                       June 2016 

Upcoming events

at Azule:

Sunday June 26 at 6pm

Next Community Potluck
We've been having a great time at our monthly potlucks. Why don't you join us? It's a great opportunity to meet our resident artists, explore the Azule grounds, and catch up with old friends
(and make some new ones too!)

Azule is located at
190 Rabbit Den Rd., Hot Springs, NC 28743


July 30th

Visual Digshop:


A Journey into the Creative Unconscious
Elizabeth Boo Trundle

3:00-4:30pm – Free, everyone welcome. No RSVP required.

With prompting and guidance, anyone can gain expanded access to intelligence, emotion, and imagination. Finding this creative source can help us as writers by strengthening, and even electrifying, the way we use story to connect to an audience. We start with an image, selected individually from a library of evocative photos and illustrations.

For 30 seconds, we focus intensely on the image, trying to memorize as many details as possible. Then we sit for a 7-minute meditation, with instruction and emergency psychiatric intervention as needed (just kidding). After the meditation, without looking at the image, we complete a writing exercise informed by what we saw. Then we go back to the image and make observations about what we got right, what we remembered incorrectly, what we made up, and what we forgot about completely.

With this exercise as inspiration, we step forward into storytelling, and discover how uncovering personal material from our own unconscious, with anchors in concrete visual experience, can generate narrative elements that strike a powerful chord.

Elizabeth Boo Trundle Boo Trundle’s writing has appeared in numerous publications including The Georgia Review, Prairie Schooner, The Brooklyn Rail, and The Nervous Breakdown. Her e-book, Seventies Gold, is available on Amazon. She performs comedic storytelling with the Roll Call Comedy Lab, and has won the Moth StorySLAM in NYC. She stirs up thoughts, quotes, and eye candy at

for any questions Contact Natalie: 


Friday August 26 - 28, 2016

Interviewing for Digital Media:
Storytelling from
the Frontlines of Life

$50-$120 sliding scale, overnight stay at Azule available at additional cost.

We all learn from other people's stories. If there is something in their words that touches us, reminds us of events in our own life or of thoughts we've also had, we connect.
Connection can lead to empathy, understanding, and change. But how do we draw those stories out? How do we encourage the interviewee to witness, testify or relate their experience in a personal, spontaneous way? How do we mold that raw interview material into a conversation that the audience will find engaging?

Join documentary filmmaker
Bailey Barash in exploring the answers to these questions.
The participants will learn how to research their subjects and their interviewees, how to conduct a pre-interview, and how to formulate questions that will encourage the interviewee to tell their story in front of the camera.

Save the date! more information and registration details will be posted 

Contact Natalie at if you have questions.


Arrived by Storm
by Hunter Savoy-Jaffe 

  "I arrived by storm. Climbing the blind, winding road in darkness alongside a heavy downpour. Holding hands with the wheel of my pick up, preparing for the possibility of what would be once the two of us reached the end of this wildly alert ascension up the mountain…”
“…I  finally arrive, clearly late, letting myself in to Camille’s apartment. “Oh, you’re here!”
(I, too, am beside myself upon my own arrival). Camille, layered in a spectrum of blue garments sits behind a pair of glasses, similar to my own I note, with eyes aligned along the same color, scheme deep and bright in their blue hues.
It’s a quick introduction, a show about the house I’d be living in for the next month. After Camille slips back to her own apartment, I’m left to finger around this unfamiliar space. It becomes clear that this is not a simple house, a standard structure, a well-intentioned architectural masterpiece. Rather, it is a breathing mind-extraction.
As I come to learn in my time, Camille has built this entire space. She boasts in passion about her achievement and plans for the continuation of forming the space known as Azule. She speaks as if the structure is alive, malleable - if there needs to be ventilation, throw in a window and a rope - if there must be access to the sky, cut out the damn roof. Every section of the structure itself is considered and entirely it’s own. This energy seeps through your own pores and cradles your bones, 
nurtures your guts; eventually finding it’s way to your brain and emotions - and this is what a residency should do for artists. It should be influential.”

-Hunter Savoy-Jaffe, you can view Hunter's photography at


Meet our residents:

Dana Finimore

"My paintings and drawings address accumulation as found in nature as  metaphor for catharsis. For me, the random build-up of bio-accumulation conveys the ideology of “letting go.” I find that accumulation in the natural environment addresses many interesting parallels with human life."

Ginna Wilkerson 

Ginna Wilkerson completed a Ph.D. in Creative Writing at University of Aberdeen in 2013, also the year of publication of her first poetry collection, Odd Remains. She received a 2012 Poetry Kit Award for the poem ‘Dimensions’.
Currently, she is concentrating on photography and mixed media art, as well as writing a young adult novel.



A new building is in the works!

We have exciting news. Camille is hard at work designing Azule's newest building that will house studios for metalworking, woodworking, ceramics, and weaving. It will also include five additional sleeping spaces.


Check out: 

to see this incredible video that Camille's nephew Manuel Julio Ano made about one of our residents,
Aaron Shelton.



 Telling our Stories 



By Lynda Wheelock

Following a wonderful performance of ‘Ivy Rowe’, actress and storyteller Barbara Bates Smith gave a workshop at Azule called Telling Your Own Story. Everyone was instructed to bring a treasured object to tell a story about.  This was just one of the great exercises we did. Sitting in a close circle, we shared many stories about our lives, some very funny and some quite heart stirring. By the end of the session, we felt we had gotten to know the people there in a much more profound way. Many thanks to Barbara for her expert leadership, and a great morning!! 



AZULE portrait project

All these years you have been part of the ongoing

"AZULE portrait project"

Hundreds of these portraits are now on canvas and ready for you to sign.


is for us a way to parallel the continuity that Camille has shown in her building Azule - the place. Representing you, participants to the Fall event, and asking you to sign and add a memory or thought to your picture is deepening your and our relationship to Azule in Bluff, Hot Springs, Madison County, North Carolina...





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