November 2016

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Sunday December 11th
5 pm

Come on out for an evening of food and fellowship with your community at Azule! Bring a dish to share and enjoy some great presentations from our resident artists.

Azule is located at 190 Rabbit Den Rd, Hot Springs, NC


  Big Changes at Azule  


Natalie Marsh

   As the season transitions from fall to winter
Azule is going through some changes of its own. After nearly two years at the helm of Azule as our administrator, Natalie Marsh is stepping down from her position. It would be hard to give Natalie enough praise for the work she has done for Azule. Her mind for organization, ability to communicate effectively, and commitment to Azule’s mission, have helped us grow exponentially during her time with us.  

   “It was her amazing creative efforts that really stabilized Azule in its period of transition. Now that she is passing her job and her skills to a new employee, we are happy knowing she and her family will still be involved with Azule in many ways for a long time.  THANK YOU Natalie for all that you gave to secure the future of Azule!!!,”
says board member Lynda Wheelock

Wendy Stancil

   While Natalie will be sorely missed at Azule we are excited to announce that long time Hot Springs resident Wendy Stancil will be taking her place.
   Wendy moved to Hot Springs in 1999. She studied visual arts and filmmaking at the North Carolina School of the Arts. She loves beekeeping, gardening, art, baking and community projects….to name a few. She currently owns/operates her own business Rising Flour Bakery. She is excited to be  Azule’s new administrator and looks forward to working with the residents and helping Azule continue to grow in its unique and creative vision.



  Meet our  



Sarah Furhman

  “In recent works, I’ve been pouring paint in order to create birds eye views of landscapes that resemble satellite images. These landscapes allow chance and happenstance to enter into the work process, as they rarely reference real places. After spending time with these pours of paint, I will allow my un-conscience to rear its head and begin directing a self- guided journey throughout narrative, yet hermetic spaces."

 "I source narrative content and vignettes from contemporary socio-political events in the news, which allow me to, over time, implant an array of traumatic, ecstatic or spectacular multi-ethnic friezes in a surreal and quirky world. I also reference design movements, animals, retro graphics, ornate patterns, and both seductive and grotesque textures. The combination of such a vast array of carefully curated forms and spaces, results in destabilizing the viewer and prompting experience of memory, place and active, figurations. The viewing of the work turns simultaneously topographical and inclusive. The works also resemble screen graphics and promote visual pleasure and play.”


partners with the


County Group Home

  The Madison County Group Home, based in Hot Springs, serves six intellectual developmental disabled adults who are trained in self-help skills so they can learn to care for themselves and lead a healthy, happy and productive life. When Azule board member Barbara Maloney heard that the MCGP had the funding cut for their arts program, she had an idea. Why not have our residents at Azule volunteer their time at the group home as a way for Azule to give back to the community? The program is just getting off the ground, but we are excited to announce that Azule residents can now fulfill their work trade hours by volunteering at the MCGP, and help enrich the residents’ lives by working with them on arts projects, storytelling, musical performances, and more. We have already sent our first artist, Sarah Furhman, to MCGP and by all accounts it was a great success.


AZULE Portrait


All these years you have been part of the ongoing 
AZULE Portrait Project


Hundreds of these portraits are now on canvas and ready for you to sign.

is for us a way to parallel the continuity that Camille has shown in her building Azule - the place. Representing you, participants to the Fall event, and asking you to sign and add a memory or thought to your picture is deepening your and our relationship to Azule in Bluff, Hot Springs, Madison County, North Carolina..




AZULE is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.
Your donations are tax-deductible from your income.

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Thank you so much for helping AZULE board members and volunteers to move AZULE on its necessary journey. Come, visit and participate. Invite your friends!


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THANK YOU also to all Board Members who give countless hours of 'in-kind" work.
And THANK YOU to all who organize, promote or come to our programs.

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