March 2014

The Azule Newsletter

March 2014


 APRIL 4-6

Capturing and Creating the Story You Want to Tell

This workshop will be tailored to the specific needs and projects of the attendees, focusing on the initial stages of pre-production and production, specially the gathering and creation of raw digital media content. If you have a digital audio or video recording device, please plan to bring it and plan to use it. If you have a script or just an idea, be ready to work on it! 

For more information call Gwylene at 843-607-5811 or e-mail to 
The whole WORKSHOP including room and board is $70;
People living in Madison County get a 50% discount
Payment arrangements are possible,

"In a 34-year career in television and video production, I've learned how to research, plan, write and produce stories that are relevant to both broad and narrowly focused audiences. Through digital media, I've given power to the voices of individuals and groups fighting for cultural and social justice. I've also given numerous presentations on this process to audiences ranging from elementary school students to professional organizations, community non-profits and local or national governmental officials." BAILEY BARASH, Instructor/Facilitator

This program is sponsored in part by
 the Alternate ROOTS' Presenting Subsidies Program.

In this issue, photographs are by Manoj Sepiastory, Arlette Vaccarino, Lynda Wheelock and participants to the Portrait Project.


          "I can’t actually recall how long I have been an Azule Board member.  It feels like the Azule dream was always in my adult life when I lived in Western North Carolina.  As the big house and property took shape in the 1970s-90s, the Board’s ongoing effort was figuring out how to define, then open Azule’s mission and possibilities to the 20th century then to the 21st. It was tough, not always harmonious work yet a privilege as there is now something excellent to pass along. And happily the work will never be completed because it’s a people project… It’s art in all its forms.
           "Though I live on the North coast of California now and am not able to participate nearly as much as before, Azule -the place- and my timeless friendship with Camille remain a gift in my life. I like that new creative imaginations are now hard at work developing strategies for the next steps.
            "Looking back with 2014 eyes, who could have imagined? The early Azule Board members… and Dave and Camille."
Bunny Halton Subkis, Azule Board member

          "When was the last time you climbed a glass staircase and arrived in a room waiting for movement of mind, body and spirit? That's what happened when Soreyda and I visited Azule in Hot Springs, NC.  Seeking R&R we were truly inspired.  The thing about inspiration is you don't really know when it's happening.  You're just sitting around the table sharing stories drinking wine, sipping coffee and then sometime during the next day or two it hits you.  All those conversation taught me what pursuing vision is really about, the value of perseverance and sharing, and a better understanding of true love."
Laverne Zabielski

          "At Azule, a gathering with a textile-fiber-painter-poet-mover-shaker makes it happen: folks, all alive, right now, spilling over a sense of skill-mastery-curiosity and opinion... delicious presence all.
           "Camille grabs my hand before I start to leave, " Have you seen the music room Lisa?" and she grabs me and brings me into the Nautilus room...the same shape that is inside our ear...the perfection in the math she utilized to build a sublime poem in wood. I am still disturbed today, nearly agitated by the brilliance in the details of that room. I will be back, and I'll take pictures next time. But to see it. To be in that space with her. To see what she saw inside until she manifested Azule. Opposite of speechless."  
Lisa Mandle

Participants in the Portrait Project


AZULE, situated in the Appalachian Mountains of Western Carolina, has been running a residency program for artists, educators and activists, or anyone in need of a retreat or a special gathering since 2010.

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Other 2014 deadlines are:

June 1, August 15 and November 15

Coming in April are BAILEY BARASH, RAJI BALARAM with her students from the Association of MONTESSORI International, a group from WARREN WILSON College preparing for a trip to the Amazon and a ZETA PHI BETA Service Organization from North SC. 

Moses Rickett and Lorrie Jayne's Engage students from Warren Wilson college. See


"AZULE Imagine..." is now in HD!
Here is the link: AZULE IMAGINE ... 
"Down a winding two lane road in the Appalachian Mountains of Western North Carolina is an artists' retreat that is considered a work of art in itself..."  Azule Imagine... follows the development of this new concept in artist's residencies that serves not only the artist but the surrounding community. 
Produced by BBarash productions and, with music by Roger 'Hurricane' Wilson and Elise Witt.

Look at TAD STAMM's photographs and his informal interview with Donna Cooper Hurt on Youtube
And thank you again AZULE WINTER DONORS: Randy Bell, Bunny Halton Subkis, Jaehn Clare, Jean Degenfeld, Kathie DeNobriga, Carol Dotterer, David Moltke Hansen, Kat Hastie, Val Lyle, John Malpede, Lisa Mount, Susie Prueter, Barbara Quigley, Don Schmidt, Linda Scott, Andrea Schenck, Amy Thompson, Joyce and Mark Hulbert, Arlette Vaccarino, Lynda Wheelock, Sherry Wilson and John Zinsser.

Thank you for helping AZULE board members and volunteers to move AZULE on its necessary journey. Come, visit and participate. Invite your friends!

AZULE's Mission is "To provide an environment where artists and community meet and learn together through the arts in their many forms."
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Azule may bring you the opportunity to meet great artists, attend a skillshare or workshop, experience a rejuvenating space for artists' residencies, retreats, staff or wellness meetings. Come and visit, give us a call.
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