March 2015

Ital Al-Amin, Performance Artist and Alex Fahad, Recycled Engineer and Math Teacher in the upstairs Dance Room.


The Azule 



March 2015


APRIL 2-5: 3-Day


Creating and Telling the Story with Digital Media

In every interactive endeavor, whether its literature, dance, music, drama, visual art, advertising, activism, journalism, teaching or social discourse, the story is what get’s people’s attention and motivates them to look deeper, listen closely, watch carefully, remember and act on that memory.

April 3rd, 4th and 5th, 2015, Azule invites you to sharpen your skills in using digital media to tell your story. With the guidance of experienced journalist and documentary filmmaker Bailey Barash and young, creative, technically skilled \shooter, editor and producer Ace Harney, you will produce a short work, combining audio, video, music and graphics, that embodies a story you tell.  

This is the opportunity to get a good understanding of the ways the most popular digital devices can help you record, create and distribute your ideas.  The class is limited to 8, so sign up soon.
For more information call Gwylene at 843-607-5811 or e-mail to


The WORKSHOP including room and board is $70.
Madison County residents receive a 50% discount
Payment arrangements if desired,

The workshop is partly funded by Alternate ROOTS.


"In a 34-year career in television and video production, I've learned how to research, plan, write and produce stories that are relevant to both broad and narrowly focused audiences. Through digital media, I've given power to the voices of individuals and groups fighting for cultural and social justice. I've also given numerous presentations on this process to audiences ranging from elementary school students to professional organizations, community non-profits and local or national governmental officials." BAILEY BARASH, Instructor/Facilitator.
ACE HARNEY is owner of Captain Crazy Productions and the Executive Director of the Non-Profit Organization. provides video, photography, and writing services for local artists, non-profit organizations, entrepreneurs, and art programs. members help artists, non-profits, and art programs create multimedia packages to share worldwide via digital media. donates time and effort to helping art flourish within Atlanta.
Ace has been perfecting his skills for over 10 years in every aspect of Digital Media.  He has functioned as Independent Camera Operator, Director of Photography, Videographer, Photographer, Sound Engineer, Video Editor, Producer, Director, Computer Scientist, and Entrepreneur.

BAILEY BARASH and ACE HARNEY are presently working together on a project called "Hospice Vignettes." Partially funded by the Weinstein Hospice of Atlanta and by an Alternate ROOTS project grant, they are taping one-on-one interviews with hospice patients about what is important to them, their philosophy of life, major turning points, and what they might like to say that they haven't said. On completion of a basic streamlining edit, they give the patient a DVD of their interview.
Below are two of the first interviews. 
Lanny Harvey and Hector Pujol
Camille Baumgartner




"Peace & Love Azulians, 

Its been a full winter thus far for our SkillShare series at AZULE, lots of new blood, or blue blood making the mountain trek to our beloved facility. And it is our beloved facility so please come out lead a workshop, host an event and especially support our sustainability with any funds and donations you are able to. No amount is too small, no vision is too big. 

In JANUARY for MLK weekend we had our second Beloved Community gathering since 2013 with a host of folks from all over the south and right here in our local beloved Hot Springs and Asheville Community. Azule's own New Danger Poetry Slam Team built alliance through battle with Steve Shell and the Asheville Poetry Slam Team as the Dangerous Ones escaped with a narrow competition victory but the AZ family was definitely the winners at that affair.  

In FEBRUARY all of our sweethearts gathered for a Valentines Day Healing Retreat that had an emerging and consistent theme of parenthood, and community village to holistically raise our future Azulians. Not to be outdone Brenda Simmons taught an anime visual arts workshop, with another fantastic creative offering for community with Tamiko Ambrose Murray a longtime Alternate ROOTS Member and AZULE supporter.

The Dangerous Ones will be back soon as we prepare to represent Azule artistry at the 2015 Southern Fried Poetry Slam in Little Rock, Arkansas. So look out for a Poetry Slam Lock in next SkillSHare coming to Azule soon. Stay Blue & True.” Omari Fox

"I've been attending skill-shares for almost 3 years now. I am always impressed by the various energies that come together at the skill-shares. The last one, "Be Loved" (Feb. 13-15) focused on various art styles such as clothing design, animè, and poetry (to name a few). I love how each presenter tied in their workshop with the theme of love. We discussed how these different and performed specific tasks that focused on love of self and community. 

We had an abundance of young spirits in our midst. I feel that this was also indicative of the topic/energy that was shared during the! I had a great time collecting rocks with one of our young presenters, who also blessed us with her words." Ital Al-Amin





Suzette Francis, a.k.a. Ital Al-Amin, is a native New Yorker, currently residing in Charlotte, NC. She is a performance artist, who shares her love of the arts through spoken word and African dance. Ital is also a visual artist, utilizing mixed media (metal, fabrics, etc.) to create her unique style of wearable art. 
Ital recently became a member of "Alternate ROOTS", at the 2014 annual meeting, and has been a long-time member of "New Danger", a rhizome of the former. She is committed to affecting community consciousness through the integration of arts.


from the 2014 PORTRAIT PROJECT

Photos in this issue are by Donna Cooper Hurt, Gwylene Gallimard and participants in the Portrait Project.



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