Current Board Members

Camille. H. Shafer Is a founder of Azule and has been a Board member since 1994. Camille moved with her husband Dave Shafer to Bluff, a rural community next to Hot Springs NC in 1972. Born in France, she studied at the Ecole des Beaux Arts in Paris, taught arts in Quebec and was an occupational therapist at Toledo Hospital. She considers Madison County her adoptive land, as she resonates deeply with Appalachian country and culture. She is a builder and a visual artist with a portfolio of extraordinary quilts and designed the architectural marvel known as Azule. She cares and strives for inclusion (disability, class, race, gender, age, religion).

Lynda Wheelock has lived and worked in Spring Creek NC for over 28 years. She retired in 2006 from Headstart, after teaching for 21 years. She now pursues full time her old passion for drawing and painting. As a friend of Camille Shafer and the wife of Doug Wheelock, the steadiest carpenter and builder of Azule, she has watched the progress of the site for over two decades. Board member since 2007.

Barbara Moloney Board member Barbara Moloney is a long-time educator and friend of Azule. She has initiated a popular Azule program to visit and teach local developmentally challenged adults at the Madison County Group home. She cares deeply about the health and well - being of Madison County students, residents, and has organized to help support the wellbeing of undocumented immigrants. She brings great organizing experience, local knowledge, and the successful completion of many community initiatives to the table.

Sue Gurnee is founder of Growing Wheel, a sanctuary and retreat center in the Boone area. She is also a world-renowned painter and landscape designer for museums, film sets, and animal habitats worldwide. Sue’s experience with arts nonprofit boards, respect for place and architecture, and decades of dedication to the arts brings a powerful ingredient to the Azule board mix. A visit autumn of 2020 piqued her interest in Azule. In Camille’s wood and glass palace Sue felt a resonance, not just with this physical retreat space Camille had brought to being, but with Camille’s singular vision and ability to complete magnificent things against all odds.

Sherry Wilson is a freelance Artist, Sculptor and Painter currently living in Houston, TX. Sherry was born in Hollywood and grew up in California’s San Fernando Valley. Joining the U.S. Army in 1988 as a helicopter Crew Chief, she spent the next ten years experiencing new places and cultures, while deploying to areas of conflict around the world. The people she met and the depth of emotion she witnessed in Saudi Arabia, Bosnia and Hungary, have influenced much of her work. Sherry has been involved in several non-profit arts and community organization over the years and a core Board Member at Azule for approximately seven years. Although life has taken her far away from Hot Springs, she takes every opportunity to travel the many miles to Azule to participate in board meetings, site cleanup, social events, brain-storming sessions and fellowship with lifelong friends

Michelle Suttle is a native of North Carolina, advocate of children, community, and education. She is a glass artist and art instructor. Michelle is an Expressive Arts Therapist and Educator. Michelle feels Azule is magical, inspiring, and their commitment to community development through the arts is admirable. She looks forward to being a part of the future growth of the organization.

Omari Fox, painter, poet, and educator. Founder of BCARTI (Benedict College Art Intelligentsia), Founder New Danger Hip-Hope INKorporated, a visual and performing arts mentorship/activist group... Alternate Roots Hip Hop Activist Scholarship Recipient in the seminal class of 2004, Vice-Chairman of the Board Alternate Root 2008-2009. A former art teacher on South Carolina's infamous Corridor of Shame, Fox has developed his own unique style of visual art he's coined HOP Art, short for Hip-Hop Art a hybrid of images and text with a plethora of quotables from public figures, celebrities, and his own detailed rhyme schemes addressing everything from War and politics, romance, to spirituality and "unracism-ethnicity over race." For Fox the form is the protest, the activism is the content, but never content with message alone.

For a list of our Board Members Ex Officio, please visit our History Page.