Over the Winter, Azule undertook various safe, fun-tastic, and informative field trips to various locations. We visited six sites with a stable core group of artists, creators, local businesspeople, and residents of this county, shared with each other our current projects, future visions, and establish the seeds for possible collaborations in the future.
A brief mention of those past events can be found here and here.

At Azule not only do we celebrate our residents through our mission to foster creativity in its many forms, but we also strive to introduce arts residents to the local community. By letting some of our current and past Azule residents have a sneak peek at the inner workings of how established and emerging local ventures make things happen in this sleepy corner of the world, they get a sense of what life is like in this sleepy corner of the world.

The three former art residents involved in all field trip events have in fact, over the years, chosen to become locals, in part influenced by their experiences as Azule residents.

This is why our final field trip was a celebration of the work of Shannon Gallagher, originally from Chicago, Andrea Dreiling, originally from Colorado, and Julia Thomson, originally from New Jersey area. As well, we heard from Brad Silk, our current Azule resident, and Lydia Nichole, who is originally from Louisiana and has lived in the area for some years. 

The field trips also brought about the introduction of some community members to the Azule family - Josh Copus (from the first field trip) and Sue Gurnee (from the second one) recently became board members. 

As Sue noted: "Thank you for this uplifting chance to engage in discussions with working artists at Azule who not only create diverse representational artwork with fine craftsmanship but are accomplished speakers who confidently share their missions and detailed processes. From each resident is a common thread - to  share clearly about the life-changing impact their work in the Hot Spring studio at Azule has made for their life history. 

These gatherings of communal regard cannot be manufactured.  Through authentic striving for excellence defined through a variety of media, I enjoyed being invited to meet artists from varied parts of USA who converged within the bucolic backdrop provided by Camille Shafer ( sp) and her decades of experience as a working artist. Spending time in the library in the hand-built aesthetic framework of the organization’s headquarters is inspiring. 

As a new member of this ever-expanding family, I suggest to mark your calendars for upcoming events at this hidden gem. It is a place that fosters honest expression and can softly unwind peace of mind. 

I am so glad I did!"