Join us for an Azule fundraiser as part of the first Hot Springs Art Crawl on Oct 15,2022, organized by the Cuckoo Collective .

Come one! Come All!

Hot Springs first Art Crawl,

October 15, from 4-8pm

at 64 South Spring Street

(Pine Hall #3 on our map.)

Learn the special call of the Cuckoo, (this you can use all day long!)


As an Azule fundraiser (, this show, organized by the Cuckoo Collective is designed for your pleasure, enjoyment & a way to foster future art projects through your purchases.

Look for this building and join us!

64 South Spring Street

Proceeds go directly to Azule to enhance their Artist - in - Residence program.

Did you know——? The Cuckoo bird is well-known for laying eggs in the nests of other birds. The offspring are hatched & fed by foster parents. This strategy allows more to circulate than would otherwise be possible.

Join the Creative Cuckoos, who had a wonderful time working together for this community endeavor! October 15!