Azule's mission is "to provide an environment where Artists and Community meet, work and learn together through the arts in their many forms."

We see AZULE, THE PLACE - the architecture designed by Camille Shafer and built in the middle of 35 acres of hilly Appalachia - as the container for AZULE, THE INCUBATOR, the engine within the place, the generator of AZULE's VISION - guidelines, principles, directions, potentials - as well as of AZULE's PROJECTS IN THE ARTS and ITS COMMUNITIES.

Within this small corner of the world, the BOARD OF AZULE constantly makes sure of the interaction between vision and projects, to promote a multidirectional flow of creativity.

AZULE, THE PLACE strives to offer its many features for the development of art projects. OUTDOORS: gardening, landscaping, water features design, installations, sculpture symposia, gatherings - INDOORS: presentation of two and three-dimensional works, photography, fiber arts, music, poetry, storytelling -AND the use of existing architectural conditions for murals, decorative arts, creative furniture, glassworks-AZULE, THE INCUBATOR proposes spaces for studios, retreats and residencies (for individuals or small groups), conferences, parties (big or small). We are developing an art and design library and an archive repository accessible for research.

Visitors, artists, residents, come to AZULE for retreat, research, exposure, criticism, challenge, improvement. Their work radiate outside the AZULE perimeter, completing the incubation process, from conception to hatching. This AZULE PROCESS is accessible to whoever is attentive and passionate about community building around the arts, half a mile away or a world away.

AZULE is a LOCAL INCUBATOR: it invites Madison County artists and residents to bring their private and public culture, for all concerned to inhale and exhale. It promotes locally anchored art as the rich topsoil of Appalachian culture. AZULE is a local-global incubator when it claims to be content-rich, relevant to the present, exemplary, diverse yet sober and responsible, all qualities and attitudes needed for packing meaning into community-oriented works of art. AZULE is also global when it opens its doors to worldwide artists.

AZULE is a CULTURAL ECOLOGY BUILDER, where the arts are the tool of choice. They provide us a renewable energy to question, doubt, research, endlessly seek faraway shores. AZULE is open to everybody's history, everybody's geography, social justice, peace making and all: everybody's abilities and challenges.