Lino Azevedo

Visual Artist
Lino Azevedo was born in the 1970's to Portuguese immigrants near the city of San Francisco, California.
Like most small children, Lino enjoyed creating from the soul with simple tools like pencil and crayon. Being a painter herself, his mother saw the potential and let him try his hand with her oils and brushes.
After receiving an art award in high school, a counselor suggested San Jose State University for its strong art and design program. Lino graduated in 1997 with his bachelors and began teaching drawing and painting to both children and adults. With a growing passion for guiding other artists on their journeys, he decided to pursue his MFA in order to teach.
In 2013, he received his MFA from Winthrop University.
Lino has taught at colleges and universities in North Carolina, California and recently accepted a position in North Dakota. His work can be found in galleries throughout the United States.