As an emerging community-based organization, Azule has developed a residency program for performers, writers, architects, builders, musicians, and artists of all types. Located on 35 rural acres in Western North Carolina’s Blue Ridge Mountains, our facility is the result of decades of work by local craftsmen, using predominantly locally harvested or reused materials and constructed with traditional techniques.

Residents are each provided either a private room or a dormitory bed, a separate workspace, and expansive views of our Appalachian mountains. The remainder of the structure is communal and includes a full kitchen, dining area, library, and various side rooms and open spaces that serve as work space, gathering space, and studio space as needed.

We invite residents to join us to enjoy a retreat from everyday life where there is time and space to relax, dream, and create.

Number of Residents: 1-3. Due to the number of bedrooms at Azule, and in order to provide each resident with ample space to work, we only accept 1-3 residents at any point in time. If you would specifically like to apply for a time frame where you will be at Azule at the same time as another resident, please indicate this on your application and we will do our best to accommodate your request.

Residency Rates: One private room is $50 per night. Double occupancy (resident +1) is $75.00 a night. Residents also have a more affordable option of spending $40 per night in one of the bunk beds. Azule is willing to consider requests group rates or retreat reservations on a case by case basis; please inquire for more information.

Application Deadlines: We accept and process applications throughout the year. We welcome you to apply anytime.

Refund Policy: AZULE has stringent refund policies in place. Residency Fees are Non-Refundable. A Deposit of [50%] of the entire stay, plus an Administrative Fee of $50.00, is due at the time the Reservation is made. The remaining balance must be received no later than [30 ]days prior to Arrival.

At the discretion of AZULE Board, we may consider written requests (via email or other form), clearly stating your case and supplying AZULE Board with appropriate documentation, medical excuse or other proof. The Board reserves the right to determine each case individually and depending on the situation, may allow the resident to reschedule and apply any remaining funds (minus the $50.00 Administrative Fee) to a new date agreed upon by the Resident and the Board.

Other Notes: In addition to hosting artist residencies, Azule occasionally hosts shorter events such as potlucks and weekend skillshares. These events can bring in larger groups that will share the Azule space for the duration of the event. Artists in residence are welcome and encouraged to join in on these events

Work Trade: We have a small work trade program available to help offset the costs for qualifying residents. The hours are available to residents that are coming to Azule for a minimum of 2 weeks. We have a total of 12 hours/month at a rate of $12.50/hr. These hours are distributed among the applicants requesting assistance each month. 

Residency Application  



Information For Your Stay At Azule & Things To Know About Hot Springs


Clothes: Warm clothes for every season, even summer nights! Pack with your best “onion style” mountain fashion in mind. Having many layers is the best way to ensure that you are always comfortable.

Linens: We provide one sheet set and one towel for each resident. If extra sheets or towels are desired, please plan on packing them! We provide blankets but feel free to bring sleeping bags for extra warmth in the winter.

Groceries: Groceries; Hot Springs has only a Dollar General and a couple small convenience stores with very little produce or selection. The local outfitters store has a small food section with some health/natural foods and cheeses. Marshall, 30 minutes away, has one standard grocery store and one small but decently stocked natural foods shop. In Asheville (1 hour drive) a large selection of grocery and natural foods shops exist. We provide basic things like spices, oil & vinegar and teas. If you are not arriving with your own vehicle, please plan on arranging for your shuttle driver to stop at the grocery store on your way to Azule. If you will be staying at Azule for longer than one week, there are options for purchasing more groceries! We have a number of board members, staff, and neighbors who head in to town on a regular basis and often are happy to bring along a resident for a grocery or town trip. Many of our residents have really enjoyed this mode of transportation as they get the opportunity to speak with artists and neighbors in the area. We don't plan these trips ahead of time or have scheduled days that town trips happen, but Camille (our fantastic Azule host who lives just 40 feet from Azule's main building) will be happy to help coordinate these trips upon your arrival.

Gas: Make sure you fill up your gas tank before arriving in Hot Springs. Gasoline costs more out here!

Other: In the summer months you may wish to bring insect repellent.


Computer: A Mac computer is available for use. It has Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and Final Cut Pro.

Printer/Scanner/Copier: There is a Brother wireless color printer/scanner/copier available. It can be accessed by any computer or device via wireless. If you are printing more than 35 pages, we ask for a goodwill donation to help us cover ink and paper costs.

Internet: We provide WiFi for all residents at Azule. The password will be available to you upon arrival at Azule.

Phone and Cell Phones: A shared landline is available for residents for calls within the United States only. Verizon, Sprint and US Cellular providers do receive service at Azule, though internet etc may not be available on your phone. Other providers such as AT&T and T-Mobile do NOT have service at Azule. 


Transportation: There is no public transportation including buses available to Azule from Asheville or neighboring towns. Asheville, which is one hour away, will be the closest you can expect to get using public transportation. Beyond that, a car will be necessary. Uber and other taxi services are available for transportation. Azule also has a list of friends in the area that may be able to provide shuttling services from the Asheville airport and bus station. You may access this list in the Resident Portal under the shuttle transportation tab.  Please note that it is the responsibility of the resident and driver to confirm prices and times with each other, as Azule is not a part of this service beyond offering contact information. The price for a shuttle to Azule from the Asheville airport ranges from $75-$110 one way. Azule does not guarantee this service or provide insurance in any way, but we do only give out phone numbers of those we trust and have been responsible drivers for our residents in the past!

Laundry: We do have a washing machine you are welcome to use. Please be mindful of our water conservation goals when doing laundry. Drying is done the old fashioned way of hanging it up.

Recycling: Yes, we recycle! All, glass, plastic, and paper can be recycled by placing in the appropriate receptacles (provided). Even compost is collected to be sent to our neighbor for delicious additions to his pigs' supper!

Smoking: In consideration for all guests, smoking is strictly prohibited in the Azule house. Smoking is permitted outside of the building with proper disposal of cigarettes.

Showers: Please do not plan on taking luxuriously long showers. Our spring water is a resource that we must respect!

Thermostat:Azule has been carefully designed to use multiple solar and thermal mass principles for efficient heating and cooling. In summer, the basement remains cool and the rest of the house comfortable, but there is no air conditioning. In winter, the house is kept at approximately 65 degrees, so bring warm clothing! The wood stove (maintained by Camille or staff for safety reasons) is often the main source of heat, supplemented by a propane heater in the central area and the bathroom.

Candles: Candles or any other potential fire hazards such as incense are prohibited in Azule.

Pets Policy: Pets are not allowed at Azule. Specific arrangements may be made for service animals ONLY. We love animals, but Azule is not the place for them due to our constant rotation of residents and our goals to accommodate each guest fully. Please contact us in advance with any questions.


GPS and/or your phone may NOT WORK in our mountains! Please write down these directions on paper in addition to using your digital navigation.

AZULE is located 190 Rabbit Den RD, Hot Springs NC 28743

    Leaving from Asheville, NC take 19/23 North towards Weaverville
  • Take Exit 19A to 25/70, toward Marshall
  • After 20 plus minutes of driving, you will want to keep your eye out for a left turn to stay on 25/70. Follow the sign that indicates that you turn left for Hot Springs.
  • Just past the town of Hot Springs continue straight on 209. Do not turn right to stay on 25/70.
  • About 7 miles further, turn right on Gorenflo Gap. Pass a house and turn right on Rabbit Den, a dirt road. Azule will be the second drive on your right, indicated by a stone with AZULE carved in it marking the turn.
  • If you are lost call Camille at 828-622-3533

Come Participate in a Living Work of Art

This hand-built space reflects decades of dedicated work. As you would respect any work of art, there are guidelines for inhabiting and interacting with the space. Azule is a place designed for quiet enjoyment of the artistic process. Azule also manages to operate a peaceful environment with a minimal of spent resources so as to make as affordable an experience as possible. The following activities will be grounds for dismissal without refund:

Damage to Property
  • Changing, painting, 'fixing', or otherwise tampering with anything on the property without express permission from staff.
  • Violent, antisocial, and aberrant behavior, including that due to mind-altering substances.
  • Destruction of Azule property, either through violence or neglect, unless a repayment or replacement is negotiated with Azule staff.

Azule prides itself on a gentle camaraderie and mutuality. A lot of energy that can be put towards creative projects is misused when altercations and boundary issues arise. For this reason, we find it necessary to build a policy that safeguards the ability "to provide an environment where Artists and Community meet, work and learn together through the arts in their many forms." As such, the following behaviors are grounds for dismissal:

  • Harassing, calling, or otherwise demanding the time of Azule's board members. Due to our small and capable staff, it is necessary for all artists in residence guests to follow this protocol. If there are questions or requests, they are to be directed only to Azule staff. Any complaints or confusions are not to be directed toward the director, Camille, or board of directors.
  • Flagrant unwillingness to clean up after oneself after utilizing the common areas, workshop areas, or dining areas, making these areas unfit for use by other residents.
  • Harassing, stalking, or otherwise interrupting other residents if they do not want to engage.
  • Disseminating false, incriminating, distorted, or otherwise slanderous social media posts about Azule or any of its principals leading up to or during the residency.

Azule's judicial committee reserves the right to label behaviors as serious enough to merit someone being ejected from the premises. The judicial committee of Azule will by consensus vote on what constitutes bannable behavior on a case by case basis. Azule is not responsible for loss of fees or other inconveniences born of being dismissed within 24 hours from the premises due to prohibited behavior.

Azule reserves the right to ban from future residencies any residents who have displayed above outlined problematic behaviour, even if it was not egregious enough to cause them to be removed from the premises.

Administrative Staff

For any questions, comments, or concerns, please contact Azule staff members:

Shannon - Administrator
Alicia - Social Coordinator