This fall we welcomed back repeat resident and friend of Azule, Katie St. Clair. An accomplished artist and Professor at Davidson College, Katie extended the opportunity for a few of her students to join her for an Art Residency.

It was a great opportunity for young artists to experience an art residency and have time to explore their own creative process. Camille took the opportunity to lead the students in a story circle, an oral tradition taught to her, in which participants take turns telling stories in a guided exercise.

In there own words these are the experiences they took away.

“Thank you. Azule was the perfect quiet space to focus and gain inspiration from the intricate architecture, flourishing landscape, and resources to develop my art practice. Katie led workshops in mono printing techniques, and we made our own oil pastels. The art I made now hangs in my studio along with images of the objects I found intriguing on us nature excursions which continuously inspire me.” -Laura Bullock

“At the Azule Residency, I was able to have an incredible experience that otherwise would not have been available to me. Over the weekend we were able to explore the facility and all it had to offer, including meeting the heart of the organization, Camille. She led us in a beautiful story circle where we were able to discuss the creative process and what that meant to us as individuals. We also were able to have demos of different mediums and had hours to dedicate purely to creating without any distractions. The space was sprawling enough that we could engage in our own practice, but intimate enough that we could collaborate and learn from one another. It was truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be able to take such an enriching trip with such a small group. It was a wonderful weekend, and such a meaningful experience to be completely immersed in such creativity. “ -Natalie Hall