Chad Sheffield is a rarity in the age of instant connection. As we chatted about in the living room at Azule, enoying the last of the afternoon sun, Chad dropped the bomb that he's managed against all odds to stay off of social media. A feat almost unheard of these days.

As the lone resident that week, Chad spoke about how even without the distraction of social media, getting away was essential to figuring out the road ahead.

Treating his residency as a true retreat from some big life changes, the tranquility and removal from the everyday mundane was an essential step in being able to process through the medium of writing. While he didn't apply for a residency with any great plans to finish the next great American novel, Chad did feel a sence of accomplishment.

Like many of us who express through Art, Chad was able to craft his own written work necessary for the next stage in his journey. Azule's calming creative space was essential for the perspective and time to process through his chosen art form, that he even took the opportunity to extend his stay.