Thoughts from Lynda Wheelock, Azule President, as to what winter in the Bluff region is about. Lynda has lived and worked in Spring Creek NC for over 28 years. She retired in 2006 from Headstart, after teaching for 21 years. She now pursues full time her old passion for drawing and painting.
Photos by Alicia Araya
I know that winter is part of the cycles of life, created by the one that created the entire theater of life.

Yet I struggle with the days of cold, too many clothes, not enough time outside, snow so beautiful, but so treacherous for my travel.

But one night in darkness, as I gazed out my window at the night sky, I was just filled with such joy seeing the galaxy of stars, so beautiful and friendly, now visible through the bare tree branches of the winter landscape.

I remembered that I cannot see these stars in summer, as the trees are full and deep green.

This blessing I now gaze at each night, in a clear sky, and smile at the precious gift that they are.