A fundraising event that has for the past four years brought the community together for the sake of our public library system is valiantly going forward, in spite of lockdowns, pandemics, and any number of odd things that 2020 has thrown our way. This community’s commitment to its library system is symbolized by the fact that the Madison County Library System was named Library Journal’s 2018 Best Small Library in America, in spite of the realities of having a working library system in a rural area such as this. In the little town of Hot Springs itself, the Library has suffered housing challenges and the threat of being shut down. The story of how the local residents prevented this, which included this very fundraiser continuing, is a testament to what a community in solidarity can accomplish. Mary Dixon, co-creator of the fundraiser and Secretary of the Friends of Hot Springs Library for the past 9th years was kind enough to answer some questions about the library generally and this fundraiser in particular.

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Jeremy Smith is a friend and repeat resident at Azule. He is currently in his last year of graduate school at Middle Tennessee State University, where he is pursuing a Masters in Music Theory and Composition.

These are the journals I wrote the Summer of 2016 (my first Summer at Azule). I was writing the music for a ballet which premiered in Florence in April 2017. I also attached a poster for the event. The second long stay I had I was working on a musical which was finished, but did not receive the funding it needed to be performed.

A recent composition by Jeremy Smith

Thoughts from Lynda Wheelock, Azule President, as to what winter in the Bluff region is about. Lynda has lived and worked in Spring Creek NC for over 28 years. She retired in 2006 from Headstart, after teaching for 21 years. She now pursues full time her old passion for drawing and painting.
Photos by Alicia Araya